The Big-Data Summer Institute is a four day training program hosted by the Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology at Rice University.  The program will introduce you to the latest technologies, advanced algorithms, tools and techniques that are available for manipulating and analyzing complex large data sets. In the era of data-intensive X, the Big-Data Summer Institute will help you close the gap between your current skills and the skills needed to utilize the latest tools and methods for harnessing the power of data.

We live in a world flooded with digital data, where every action (click, tap, touch, swipe, search, share) results in a digital signature. The number of apps and devices generating data is exploding.  New apps and sensors are being created, installed and shipped at break-neck speed. This growing trend combined with the fact that data is now digital (and in some form online) means the data-deluge is the new reality.

Observing and collecting data has very limited value unless the data is integrated into business processes and used to improve outcomes. While there are still challenges associated with collecting and storing data they are predictable and for the most part, not insurmountable. However, we are playing catch-up when it comes to the developing the skills required for manipulating, analyzing, and deriving information, knowledge, and insight from increasingly large and diverse data sets.

Leading faculty members from Rice University will help you navigate the data-deluge and introduce you to critical tools that you can implement instantly. Each session will consist of short lectures introducing the basic skills followed by hands on exercises.

About the Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology

The Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology (K2I), at Rice University, is a research-centric institute dedicated to the advancement of applied interdisciplinary research in the areas of computation and information technology. K2I’s heritage and primary strengths are in the areas of high-performance computing and computational science and engineering. K2I’s goals are to support, foster, and develop a strong community of research and education across a wide area of computing technologies, computational engineering, and information processing.

Our goals are to be a catalyst for research collaboration across school, department, center, and laboratory boundaries and to encourage and develop close partnerships with industry, government, and other universities. Today, K2I is the virtual “home” of about 140 Rice faculty members and senior researchers drawn from across the university. From its roots in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computational and Applied Mathematics, and Statistics, it has grown to encompass faculty from 17 departments at Rice.

The institute’s power lies in its ability to look beyond individual faculty members and departments and support the creation of teams that can successfully leverage our key research strengths. Through interaction with industry and frequent visits to funding agencies, we encourage and support the team building necessary to match faculty expertise with opportunities. The institute serves as the catalyst for developing these opportunities and moving them forward.